Sunday, August 07, 2005

Nice Punk Rockers came a calling

They are Punk Rockers and they are very nice teenagers.

The Gogets, all the way from Austria came to Malaysia to makan angin and to check out our music scene.

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And because we are so inter-connected and berjaringan, the 4 nice kids are staying at Ian, Shazwan and Dicky's place.

They love nasi lemak and roti bakar.

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Tapi orang teksi kita tipu diaorang, charge mahal-mahal. Apalah Malaysia ni... memalukan.

They were at our office recently to be interviewed by Michelle of Melodi.

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I ni, tak pernah lah nak terjerumus dalam kancah Punk rock ni, tapi bila I tengok mamat-mamat ni baik-naik (they don't drink and smoke -- now hows that!) I pun naklah dengar lagu punk rock.

So I mintaklah kat ahlil-ahlil Punk Rock.

Pasanglah lagu dalam kereta..

Lepas seminit dua, I pasang balik lagu Ramlah Ram.

Bagaimanapun if they were to hold a major concert kat sini.. I'll go to support coz they are nice people...

Macamtulah baru WORLD...