Friday, May 13, 2005

A Memorable Friday the 13th. - Ultra-fast, highly reliable and dedicated online file hosting.

Yesterday was a beautiful and great day indeed. Yes, it was Friday the 13th.

Shazwan and I went to AMDB Building and did the interview at 2:30 pm on Red 104.9 with the beautiful, talented and intelligent Chris Dripin.

It was laughter all the way talking about life as a media ‘whore’ (I mean, whore in a good way).

She’s such a pro at handling all the buttons and switches and still was able to concentrate on content and substance.

I have always admired radio DJs as radio is tougher than television. In television, if you can’t write well you can just ‘upsound’, show the visuals and you’ll get the message across.

But not radio. Radio DJs must be able to paint the picture in the listeners’ mind. Now that is tough. And if your vocab is limited, then that’s the end. Well, Chris you are HOT.

At KLCC, Shazwan and I met the towering, good looking Hari Menon, formerly from The Star, but now working for the Ministry of Health, shopping for light jackets for his trip to South Africa. What? South Africa? Hate you!!!

Johannesburg is a beautiful place. I’ve been there when I was on assignment (a one day stopover) following Tun Dr Mahathir on his official visit to Zimbabwe.

Later in the evening I had so much fun eating Rojak Singapore and Roti Banjir together with Moqq and his beautiful girlfriend Mila.

Mila is so nice. Though she didn’t talk much (OK..OK blame it on me, coz I always talk and others have no chance to contribute...) we did connect intellectually on many aspects of fine arts as she’s a connoisseur and very much into graphic designs, tjanting batik and she shares my views about abstracts and Andy Warhol. Cool. And I thought she would love Islamic Calligraphy – so I invited her (and of courselah Moqq you come also lah), to the Lecture by Dr Shaukat Mahmood on Calligraphy and Its role in Islamic Architecture, at the Islamic Arts Museum on Saturday, May 21. (And for others – you can also attend by contacting IAMM at, coz place is limited)

And today, in my black Baju Melayu and Samping Kolek, I’ll be attending Aidid & Norzie’s wedding at Sri Pentas, in the evening.

And finally, kata-kata magic hujung minggu is:

“True love is about being happy knowing that the one you love is happy doing things that he/she loves with someone that he/she loves -- and you smile from a distance with happy tears in your eyes.”

(I know, you’ll say, what a load of crap) - Ultra-fast, highly reliable and dedicated online file hosting. - Ultra-fast, highly reliable and dedicated online file hosting.
Source: The Star Online

"Melium Group president Farah Khan with her Industry Achievement Award and TV personality Suhaimi Sulaiman who read out the citation honouring her"