Sunday, May 08, 2005

It was a blast!! - Ultra-fast, highly reliable and dedicated online file hosting.
Me and Jeehan at KL Fashion Week Editors Awards Nite. - Ultra-fast, highly reliable and dedicated online file hosting.
Shazwan & Me at KL Fashion week Editors Awards Nite.

It was a blast!!

And yes, it has been a mighty long time...

For someone who has not been clubbing for years, last nite was FUN.

I guess I am so 'ancient' that I didn't know there are clubs like Poppy Garden and Passion -- and yes I went there after the beautiful and talented Kavita Kaur 'insisted' that we (Shazwan and I) join her there for a post KL Fashion Awards Party. Hideaki and Keith joined us too.

I felt so 'young' again to be in the crowd of gorgeous 20 somethings and those who 'rasa-rasa' 20-somethings.

While Hideaki and Keith were busy on the dance floor and Kavita and her very tall brother busy chatting, Shazwan and I kept ourselves busy 'checking out' beautiful humans.

Bon Zainal was there too -- it was like a reunion.

Before that at the KL Fashion Editors Awards, I managed to do lots of catching up with Sharifah Shawati, Zul Kuching, Zaihani, Azura of the Star, Rubin Khoo and Dzireena.

It was a pleasure too meeting old friends and acquaintances.

And yes, did lots of 'smooching' and bits of 'bitching' renewing and forging ties with Jit Murad, Salikin, Jeehan, Kee Hua Chee, Datuk Chun Wai, Misha Omar, Camelia, Joanne, Chris the DJ, Zain L'Oreal, Lee Mark, Puvan and Benjamin.

Shazwan had a great time.

If only Cekem was there, he would be dancing on the tables.