Tuesday, May 10, 2005

It has been an amazingly busy week

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Shazwan, Ian and Me at my workstation

Yes busy giler, and I survived so far -- training, content development, exams, research -- all back to back over the last 3 day.

It's 2:30 am now, and I'm still at the office. My friends are so nice -- they know I ni pengecut, so they decided to keep me company. Shazwan is watching HBO and coughing (dia deman) and Cekem is sleeping on the couch.

I just completed the content for PETT and emailed it to Lily and now I will move on with my research for Agenda.

Got a phone call from Peejoun today -- what a pleasant surprise. OK..Ok, I'll go to MCOBA for a melepas rindu session.

Hazel, the rate is 2K each, can ah?

And for the dermawans, my birthday is on Sunday, apa lagi... wink wink.