Thursday, May 12, 2005

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The interveiw with Le Prestige yesterday went well.

Sharmila, the journalist was so nice and we had a great time talking about American Idol and other stuff more than the interview on the Malay College 100 years celebrations.

The interview at Starbucks Bangsar Village lasted more than one hour, but it didn't seem so long as I enjoyed Sharmila's company.

After that I had dinner with Mariam at Miss Read -- love the Seafood Spaghetti -- You must try.

Mariam and I, as usual, we'd go for the non-fattening food, but in the end we surrendered and had the good old Chocolate cake instead!! Oh tidak.

Later today, I'll be going to Red 104.9 for the inteview with Chris Drippin. Do tune in at 2:30pm.

Lepas tu, together with the reigning Shopping Queen (Mokciknab) and Shazwan, we'll go find a Bo Bice outfit for the President's Nite.

Have a great weekend.