Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Sex is still my students' first choice!!!

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Had a great day today watching my students' semester project (I teach News Presentation -- Journalism and TV Programming, Pricing and Rate Forecasting, part-time at Malaysia Institute of Integrative Media, formerly known as Akademi TV3).

When you leave 80% of the production to the students you can basically guess what they would end up with. Yup.. GREAT work. Congratulations. Sometimes lecturers/facilitators control them too much until they can't breathe.

Hassan came up with an interesting topic (Don't Honk).

Kaklong and the girls -- aha... very interesting -- Teleporno. They actually caught people sharing files of students 'making out' -- yes you heard me right -- and they presented that in class -- thank God they gave the project a 'psychological-sociological-anthropological treatment'. Kalau tidak, mampos aku (but am curious who is Najwa Ampang...hmmm)

Baby did a very good piece on why men colour their hair -- interesting hypothesis.

Gan did "my day out with enterprising Mak Nyahs".

The rest did well too .. Lots of effort went into the productions.

Though they need polishing here and there, the got what it takes to be good story tellers.

To all my students, thank you for making the class so interesting.

Love all of you.