Sunday, May 01, 2005

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Lama betul tak karaoke (wow... 'dia' hafal lirik lagu Sarah Raisuddin)

Syoknyer bangun lambat...

Slept quite late last night because of a very interesting Thai movie on RTM1 -- a story about a love yang tak menjadi between a late 30s Khunying (Khunying is a title bestowed by the King of Thailand to women who have contributed to the society. Macam Datin Paduka lah ni) and a 20 something student -- shot in Japan and Thailand.

Stories about love yang tak jadi ni is so me... It's the story of my life -- Cinta dua Dimensi yang 'mission impossible' to the max -- mampos aku. (ok that's it, I'm not going to elaborate further.. Cannot reveal too much wor.. just like a sexy dress, if you reveal all it's no longer sexy -- it will go under a different category which starts with T.. Trampy? Teruja? hahaha)

At about 2 am, got an SMS from a fellow blogger who writes great poems at puisi-relay.blogspot. I didn't know dia kenal my mom and dad and that his dad actually helped my mom to repair our sewing machine -- This is the ultimate 'Jejak Kasih'. And we'll do an Ikan Tilapia Merah makan session soon -- my dad's ikan tilapia merah melambak-lambak in our 3 kolam ikan -- Dad, somehow is so good in the ternak menternak biz -- though he treats it only as a hobby. We have ikan, angsa, 20 cats (yes, they are all over the place) and our 3 dogs (oopss, one mati oredi coz perompak racunkan coz they thot they can rob our house easierlah with only 2 dogs remaining -- tough -- hoi penjahat, we have nothing much at home). We used to have ducks and mom would make telor masin, but now tak der dah as no one is around to help dad who is also a fulltime baby sitter/teacher/counselor and buddy to my nice and nephew.

This morning had breakfast at Lotus Bangsar with NK Anuar. Jumpa plak ngan Fazley (of Asmara Ini fame) having breakfast at the same place with Datuk and Datin and the whole family. Tak sempat nak sembang panjang. Lawa jugak Fazley straightened rambut -- I might just do it one day -- teknik rebonding... meletop!!!

Today, I have lots of things to do in the office coz this week is going to be hectic giler.

Kata-kata magic "labour day weekend"

"Hidup tanpa cinta lebih senang berbanding hidup dengan cinta yang akhirnya sengsara" Translation from a Thai Movie on RTM1.

And you know which direction I'm heading... Definitely not the sengsara way... So, it's back to square one... Mokciknab,Shazwan and I dah 'angkat sumpah'... Let's work hard, make lots of money and travel round the world, lagi best...(lepas bayar income tax lah)

Baik beku on Kapitan Dranitsyn than beku deep inside...

It's so me... Playing it safe...Oh tidak!!!