Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Belia, Darth Vader, blue skies and semua nice - Ultra-fast, highly reliable and dedicated online file hosting.
Morky Moqq's outfit to the President's Nite. Mr Vader, eat your heart out!!

Ladies and gentlemen, you must (this is not a promo but an instruction/directive) watch Agenda on ASTRO Channel 92, either at 3:00 pm Saturday (May 14) or 10:00pm Sunday (May 15).

Why? Because we recorded a great debate on Youth Issue -- "Have we been preparing our youths well to 'evolve' into confident, funky world players in all fields?"

The recording yesterday at Astro saw a heated debate between the VP of Majlis Belia Malaysia, a Crime Analyst, a funky 20-something 'alternative' youth leader and DAP's Youth Secretary.

The camera-crew remarked, we need 'Bomba' to douse the fire..

You must see it.. rugi tak tengok. It will be on ASTRO Channel 92. And yes, you must subscribe to that Channel lah... Like my good friend Mohsein, who now religiously tuned to that channel... yer ker?

Anyway, next on my mind is nak pakai baju apa to MCOBA's President's Night this coming May 17, 2005.

Since Morky Moqq will do a Darth Vader, I'll just be good ol' Napoleon -- and the invitation says "smart casual" -- gasak. Zaihani thot dreadlocks would make me look good (cute you mean?) - Ultra-fast, highly reliable and dedicated online file hosting.
Bob Marley & the dreadlock

Later today, Le Prestige will be interviewing me (Why? I can't afford to even buy your magazine... oh tidak.. i'm so plebian) - Ultra-fast, highly reliable and dedicated online file hosting.

And tomorrow, I'll be 'live" on Red 104.9 for a Chat Session with the fabulous Chris Dripin. Tune in at 2:30 pm.

And this weekend, I'm going to take it easy and enjoy the company at Aidid and Nozie's wedding... Jangan plak ada gundu nak tanya "bila nak kahwin". kalau ada yang tanya, I'll scream at the top of my lungs --- GUNDUUUUUU...

And to En Mohsein, all the best as the Emcee for another Majlis Perkahwinan.

Why they all kahwin at the same time? Macam National Geographic pulak .......