Sunday, September 14, 2008



It has been a great weekend indeed.

It is 2 am now.

I just got back from a teh tarik session with Rafizi Ramli.

The occasion? Rafizi’s birthday.

We celebrated his birthday with Murtabak and Daging Masak Kicap.

And since it is Ramadan, there was no Marilyn Monroe coming out of a huge cake singing Happy Birthday President Raf...

We talked about lots of things from politics to MCKK, our alma mater.

I admire Rafizi’s stamina in ‘giving back’ to the community – coaching the debating team of MCKK and helping out the hockey team.

A noble thing indeed...

We all must give back – it is all about sharing.

Part of our wealth, rezeki and talent must be shared with others to help the community -- something like paying zakat.

Rafizi inspires me … I wish I have the drive to do more…


Not once but twice.

Yes, I went to see The Other Boleyn Girl TWICE!!!

First with Jef on Saturday… And the second time earlier today with Roul… I just love the movie …

Anne Boleyn (played by Natalie Portman) was a great strategist.

It is all about working hard to get what you want even though you are not the favourite one…

I can identify with that …

It is a bit like the story of my life…

I won’t go into details.

But I will just say,I had to compete all the time. I won most of the time, but the price of success sometimes made me ask this question – “Is it worth the effort and time?”

Can’t love just ‘datang bergolek and datang melayang?”

And what about a 'level playing field'?


Great minds do think alike…


Ah yes… Baju Raya…

Normally I will not buy any… except for Baju Melayu.

But for a good reason…

As ‘a front-liner for Astro AWANI’ I have to attend functions for Buka Puasa and Hari Raya and I just need to give a variety of ‘colours’ to the photographers, in addition to the smile.

Me and Jef had a great time selecting our Baju Melayu at JL Manshop on the 3rd floor of BB Plaza right in front of Metrojaya.

JL has lots of linen Baju Melayu. I love linen. I don’t like the shiny silk/rayon ones as they tend to stick to my body and make me look like ‘kampit beras Basmati’.


I went for the pink Baju Melayu and Jef got himself a nice blue/purple one.


Right after shopping for Baju Melayu, we went to see The Other Boleyn Girl and later makan at our favourite place – Carls Jr. I am addicted to the Famous Star burger. Yummmm…

My phone kept on ringing with friends asking who will be the next to be caught under ISA after Theresa Kok, Raja Petra and the journalist from Sin Chew.

I said, how would I know? All I know is Datuk Zaid Ibrahim is against it… Now this is interesting….



Now excuse me, I just need to do this… To my English Teacher, my English is still OK…

I very the angry just now. Almost hit the car in front lar, coz the driver simply-simply eat my road. I horn-horn, never change. See-see, oh, he sending SMS. What lar? I very angry if people SMS while driving. Some more eat my road. Celaka. Almost kemek my nice Pearl White car. Some more after I overtake, want to jelling-jeling pandang-pandang. Think what? Siti Nurhaliza-SM Salim song ha? So big ah you drive X5. Blady hell… Make lose pahala only puasa month…