Thursday, September 18, 2008

And it is already Friday


And what will I do this weekend?

Catch up on my reading... yes, 3 books and 7 magazines are waiting for me.

Then planning for editorial content for the coming shows...

I will just curl up like a tenggiling and digest the info on Saturday and Sunday atas couch in my favourite Renoma. Hmmmm... Not a pretty sight.

Then bangun kejap and buat mind-map for content treatment.

And also follow up with Squashy's project. Oi En Squashy, cepatlah, mana feedback dia? I need to incorporate dalam a bigger powerpoint presentation yang dalam Bahasa Melayu punya. You know lah bila jumpa goment ni...


Today, will buka puasa with anak-anak yatim at Bursa with friends.

Tomorrow will buka buasa with Jef and his parents and the clan at Dewan Perdana Felda.

Lepas tu supper/early sahur with Moqq. Kat mana Moqq? Somewhere yang ada sup lidah? Like Pelita in Bangsar?

Looking forward... so malam ni kenalah basuh baju yang warna hitam tu... Oh... I hate washing. Nak hantar laundry tak sempat plak...



BTW Wira, nice to hear from you after bertahun-tahun hilang di mata. Rupanya dah jadi orang London.