Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Norizan, Me & Ahmad

I am now at a recording of a promo for a major event in August.

I just finished doing my make-up.

My make-up artist for this morning is a young man named Ahmad.

He is very professional, has movie star good looks and he actually did a research on my likes and dislikes from other make-up artists.

He even prepared the sheer finishing mascara which I have stopped using as it irritates my eyes.

Not bad for a young make-up artist. Now, this is professionalism.

Anyway, my story today is about being angry less and less.

Me & Ellia

I used to be very impatient.

Now I am still impatient but I have increased my degree of tolerance.

Let me make it easy for you to understand.

I’ll take TV production as an example. In order to produce a 2 minute ‘visual + story’ package, it would take between one hour to one day to shoot, edit and apply the final touch-ups in post production.

When I first started work in television in 1990, the call time for the talent, anchor or host will normally be one hour before recording time.

But nowadays, the production chief will say, call time for everyone is one hour before the shoot.

And that means every single one of the production team will come together one hour before the show.

Setting the lights and other technical stuff will take more than 2 hours sometime.

As a talent, there were times I had to wait for 5 hours!!!

I used to be very angry when people were late. I hate to wait.

But now, I have a choice.

As long as they don’t disrupt my next appointment, I will be patient and wait for my turn and will use the ‘waiting time’ to update my blog, prepare my sales presentations and do my research for my coming talkshows and other stuff, thanks to Celcom’s mobile broadband.

I also have another choice -- be angry, make life miserable for others like a “prima donna”, but if I were to do that I will not look good, right?

Ellia & Jay

Ahmad, Me & Norizan

Me & Ahmad