Thursday, June 05, 2008



Nerds are weird -- they say. But I disagree.

Many of my friends are nerds.

They are fun, smart and very intelligent people.

They have great out-of-the-box ideas to solve problems.

The technology revolution (internet and all...) has opened doors for nerds to rule the world.

They can now sell their million dollar ideas because the internet revolution cuts layers and layers of unnecessary gatekeepers who prefer conformists -- yucks!

Many nerds are billionaires now.

Gone are the days when schools select prefects among those who tuck their shirts in, those who put loads and loads of Brylcream on the hair and those smart looking rich kids but little inside the skull.

And we should change the way we pick leaders. Not those who fit in but go for the relatively strange but fun and smart -- read: not necessarily batik wearing blokes. Not the Kardashians of course.

Renung-renungkan. Selamat beramal.