Monday, June 09, 2008



Please be nice and allow me to write a few lines that will not make sense. I need to have a few minutes to massage my brains in my lunatic dome so that I can come out sane and make great decisions. That's my only vice. I don't drink, don't smoke (but I do other things... pheeweet). Please... pretty please... Mommy please.



To all part time unqualified shrinks out there -- Want to enrol me as one of your 'fun' patients?

Coz Azman Baywatch and Pat Ahmad macam dah give up jer managing me -- the insecure, fragile but extremely nice humanoid who will turn very sexy in 3 months lepas jogging and exercise yang memenatkan.

Last night, my two exhausted shrinks together with me and Jef had a wonderful dinner at Victoria Station eating pieces of dead cows cooked ala masakan bekas penjajah kulit putih.

Pat, Me & Roy

Later I took them to my new hideaway at Dorchester Service Apts, Plaza Damas.

Their task -- to help me divorce myself from Panadol. They failed.


Anyway, today I want to recommend eating places yang best:

There is a place called Asam Pedas at The Curve. The Asam Pedas was so so. But you have to try the Rendang Tok. Sedap giler.

And there is a nice restaurant, Zen on the top floor of Pavilion. I think Zen ni sedara-mara Secret Recipe. Try the Strawberry Trifle.


Lately, I am more and more afraid of heights. When I drive, kalau naik jalan yang bertingkat-tingkat, i will sweat. Dulu tak ada. I told Jef, Azman & Pat about it -- my previous shrink said it's acrophobia -- banyaklah sangat. They just looked at me and gave me the wadda _ _ _ _ look and smiled (at least they smiled.. if not... get out!!!)

And kalau I stop at the traffic lights, my brains and view tak stop and terus penetrate windscreen and move at the same momentum sebelum kereta berhenti. Ini sakit apa plak?


Ok security guards, open the door please, I want to get out of this dome, as the aircond is not functioning and my hair will turn frizzy.