Monday, May 26, 2008



The following people have a common friend -- me.

I am a friend of 'A', someone I know from a zillion years back.

'B' is a friend by 'default' because he is a friend of a friend, a friend of a relative, a friend of a business associate and we move in the same circle -- business / social / community.


'A' and 'B' have known one another for a couple of years and they are sort of an 'item' now, quite recently.

But the relationship has never been a win-win one since day one.

It has always been a win-lose . 'B' winning and 'A' losing but 'A' appears to be happy -- at least the facade.

I recently found out that 'B' is not just a 'player' but an efficient 'juggler' too -- he juggles at least 2 women other than 'A'. (Read: Smooth Operator).

And I also found out that 'A' knows about it.

'A' would call me and cry and cry but the next day, she will forgive 'B' and prefers to see ONLY the good side of 'B'

And what makes me sick, is 'B' is so smooth and 'A' can't see why she should dump him and she continues showering 'B' with expensive gifts and god knows what.


It makes me so darn sad because 'A' is so beautiful, smart, successful, brilliant and resourceful -- read: rich.

And 'B' is in the 'elevating' category -- trying to carve a niche for himself. He has great potential though, but impatient and greedy.

Sometimes I feel like taking the hammer out of the tool box and hit both of them on the head....