Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Calendar is full tau!!!


"Cekmi I tengah boring gila ni... jomlah gi lepak kat memaner ker...You kat mana?"

"I tengah makan nasi ngan sup lidah kat Bangsar ni sengsorang. Gimme like 20 minutes...."

"Go where ahhh?"

"Jom tengok Indiana Jones & Tengkorak Kristal..."


And we went to GSC Pavilion.

Wayang pukul 9:00 malam, and we arrived at GSC pukul 7:45.

So Adrian and I lepak dulu, had snack at the mini cafe of Times Bookstore on the top floor of Pavilion.

We talked about lots of stuff from benda-benda bodoh to married life.

Yeah, right, me advising Adrian on his marriage.... So qualified eh!!!

The Indiana Jones movie, just like other Indiana Jones movies, hero menang selalu. Tak payah kerut-kerut kening. Just look out for the fun action moments. Intellectually tak challenging tapi visually exciting.

I prefer 'Once' anytime.

Went to see Once last week after Rahmat said, it should be on top of my 'must watch' list.

Great movie, cuma kena concentrate lebih sebab movie tu filem Irish and accent dia kengkadang tebal sikit so kena dengar bebetul.

But the story is so simple tetapi profound.

I recommended the film to Moqq coz I think Moqq would like it...


Been getting calls from people to find out if I know some inside stories on lompat-lompat party.


Apparently ribut cerita Sabah BN MPs to crossover to PKR.

And today in NST, Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kittingan, PKR Deputy Vice President who is also PKR adviser for Sabah and Sarawak, said the crossover will be in a matter of days. Phew...

Entahlah Gayah, I dengar banyak cerita, tapi I suka sumber dan channel yang 'sahih'.


Pengorbanan itu ada dalam pelbagai bentuk dan pendekatan.

Satu daripadanya adalah the ability to create additional few hours from the 'fixed' 24 hours to make life more interesting and meaningful to the people that we love.

And never, never, ask to be appreciated for making the effort.

Can we do that?


I don't have much time.

Please don't make me lose more time coz I am the one with more to lose...


Sometimes, we bend over backwards to please 'strangers' while at the same time we don't even care to think twice about uttering words and doing things that would hurt people that matter to us most...