Saturday, May 10, 2008


Health Issue

I got a 'wake-up' call 3 days ago.

I'm not telling, but I now must really take care of myself.


Engine dalam badan kena buat tuning.

I have been given a second chance.

French Movie

Thank God the movie was a good one -- a bit slow, but good.

If not, I would have screamed as we had to wait for 30 minutes before we were allowed into the theatre.

Sepatutnya film start 7:30 pm. Tapi tunda 30 minit. Kena berdiri kat luar 1/2 jam. Not very nice.

Anyway, the movie = I'm Not Here To Be Loved (Je Suis Pas Là Pour Être Aimé).


It is about a 51 year old divorcee Jean-Claude who seems destined to spend the rest of his life alone and loveless.

As a bailiff in a family firm, his only day-to-day contact is serving court orders to people who hate and fear him.

His weekly visits to his monstrous father at a nursing home are marked by resentment and aggression, while he struggles to hold a conversation with his adult son who has reluctantly joined the business.


Yet Jean-Claude still yearns for something different - and when his doctor suggests that his heart needs exercise, Jean-Claude crosses over from his office to the tango school opposite, where he meets thirtysomething Françoise, who had long ago been babysat by his mother.

She also has a longing for change as she drifts inexorably towards marriage to self-absorbed would-be novelist Thierry.

With little in common besides resigned disappointment, Jean-Claude and Françoise dance up a restrained sort of romance together.

Not a bad movie. Cuma sikit slow, and as usual I snored dan disiku beberapa kali by Roul who later also tertido sekejap.


Kam said, "you will know one day who are your true friends (read: love) -- they will take care of you when you are bedridden..."