Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stress Indicator


Some people, when they are under lots of stress due to workloads, extremely high expectations or domestic crisis, they will be very moody and will take their anger on others.

But for moi... the clue or sign that I am so stressed is when I start doing 'wonders' to my hair. Over the last 2 months I have bleached, coloured, trimmed, straightened and god knows a lot of other things to my hair, like every few days. Gila ker apa!!!


Sometimes I think I can hear my hair saying "sudahlah tuan, cukuplah.. nanti kami patah dan gugur. Sekarang ni kami dah brittle dah... dah dalam category dry and damaged".

And I said (sambil mendapat ilham from an old Malay movie starring Siti Tanjung Perak), "Wah... dah pandai menjawab yer.. siap kau... Roul, jom pergi beli peroxide. Tahulah kau nanti...."