Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Makcik Krepek of Bangsar

You gave me strength Makcik Krepek…

And here we are spending too much time risau pasal the next project, chasing clients who have the habit of paying 3 months late, relationship yang tak menjadi, sulking, etc, etc.

But this Makcik… inspired me in some ways.


It was 11:45 pm. Makcik Krepek of Bangsar, in her late 70s was still selling her krepek and kuih siput from table to table and from one lorong to another.

Sebab kain batiknya diikat senteng, I terpandang betisnya -- thinner than those of the anorexic models on the fashion runways.

She spoke Malay with a Kelantanese slang dengan sing-song yang pekat.

I don’t know her.

But by just looking at her, I realized that we can learn a thing or two about ‘inner strengths’.

That ‘inner strength’ in her made Papa Khalid beli RM10 worth of krepek from her. So did two ‘datins’ who sat 4 tables away from us at Devi’s Corner and many other gentlemen. A man in his 30s asked her to join him for a drink and packed some food for her to take back.

She was so weak. She couldn’t even walk properly. Let alone carry dua bakul kuih.

Well, even if she has that independent spirit in her, at her age, she should not be doing what she is doing. What if budak-budak dadah rompak duit dia?

Before we left, we asked her, “Makcik tak balik lagi?”

She said, “Tunggu saing, tok tahu mano dio…”

Kalaulah dia ada anak dan anak dia tak jaga dia, kita kena pergi jumpa anak itu dan lapun dia dengan belantan. But then, kita tak tahu kisah dia... One day I’ll find out...