Saturday, April 21, 2007

Duracell Battery baru needed.

Communications Training at Nikko Hotel

It’s 3pm. Sunday.

Just got back from The Westin after co-facilitating the morning session of the “Impactful Presentation” knowledge sharing session for a group of doctors with Dr Palan, Chairman of the SMR Group.

It was a fun session. One of the participants, Associate Professor Dr Roslina Abdul Manap reminded me of my school days.

In 1979, during the Inter-Residential School Debate for the Prime Minister’s Trophy (PPM), Dr Roslina Manap was the English debating team captain of Tunku Kurshiah College. I was the third speaker for the MCKK Malay Debating team that year. It was great to see one of PPM’s best speakers, Roslina Manap after so many years.

It has been a very hectic week. From Thursday to Saturday, for 3 days, I facilitated the ‘Building Relationships Through Training’ workshop for the trainers of the various departments of Nikko Hotel.

The participants were very sporting and very professional.

Now I know why Nikko Hotel won the Best Service Award in 2006.

Tomorrow I’ll fly again to Kuching to facilitate another training session for UNIMAS. This time, it’s Managing Crisis.

Earlier this week, me and a major media organization agreed on the terms and conditions of a contract that would see me collaborating in a content creation and development project in a big way.
Come July, I might just make a comeback on TV, my last attempt to leave a ‘huge mark’ in the broadcasting industry – macam singa dalam National Geographic leaving their scent kat pokok-pokok di Serengeti.

But for now, I dah mengantuk dah, no enery oredi mah… Want to sleep lor… No calls ok.. Don’t you dare call me for phone-sex… What about MMS? That one, can…