Monday, April 30, 2007

Pemerhati Bangsa Bangsa Bersatu

Papa Khalid

Mee Goreng 'station'

Penulis sebelum mandi

I observe, I record and I try to make sense…

Over the past 2 days, me and Papa Khalid had a hilarious time trying to make sense of ‘normal’ things but seen through a ‘different’ frame of reference.

First up, the story about people with lots of money but have no class or style:

While having dinner at our favourite restaurant, PadThai, at Hartamas Square, we saw two men. Both were well dressed in their 50s or 60s and they looked like a million bucks. Datuks perhaps...

Tapi sayang seribu kali sayang… in an effort to look youthful, their rambut palsu amatlah azab. It was like … ambik from dalam laci and terus serungkup atas kepala. So the back part of the rambut palsu terkeluar macam ekor itik sesida. And the colour of the rambut palsu ‘hitam yang amat’. Must have been ordered from some catalog and not restyled for the individual kepala. Pakai taram ajer. Kalau shaved satu kepala botak kan lagi menawan and less hassle. Sometimes, money can’t buy style and class.

Second story, KPI and tukang masak mee mamak at a restaurant in Desa Pandan:

While having breakfast this morning with Papa Khalid, I was distracted by bunyi kelentang-kelentung of sudit ketuk kat kuali.

And I couldn’t help but terus tengok tuan mamak cooking mee goreng. One very interesting thing I observed, dia ada his own KPI.

After cooking each order, he will look at his watch.

He timed each and every dish he prepared.

After garnishing he handed over the prepared mee goreng to the waiter, with lots of love and pride.

Very refreshing…