Monday, March 05, 2007

Antara 'profesionalisme' dan 'divarisme'

When I read the story about “Linda Onn’s No Show at The Academy Awards”, dalam suratkhabar The Star today, I can’t help but being reminded of my days at TV3.

When I was the Manager of Editorial Services, among others, I was responsible for the branding of all the News and Current Affairs TV personalities – including what they wear, hair styles, etc.

Under me, among others, were Ezzah Aziz Fawzy, Datin Seri Normala Samsudin, Azizah Ariffin, Dangsuria Zainurdin, Tengku Elida Bustaman and many more.

Together with the designers and the wardrobe head at that time, Zaihani, we worked very hard to brand and position the personalities. Of course, what we see in others and what others see in themselves, sometimes ‘amatlah berbeza’ – however, there must always be a compromise, as at the end of the day, the show must go on.

There were many personalities who were sad because they did not get the clothes that they wanted but they still put up a great show. Why? Because they were (and will always be) journalists first and personality second.

As a journalist no matter how ‘trying’ a situation is, the report must be in before TX (transmission time).

So that’s why during my time, yes, we had personalities crying over tak dapat pakai major designer labels and earings gedabak, tapi still managed to present great reports. It’s all about professionalism. Derita hati kita tanggung sendiri – bukan ker begitu.

Oh BTW, Radzuan Radziwill’s design amatlah cantik. Akak-akak drag queen sanggup berbunuh nak pakai design tu tau!

Oh well…. Rambut sama hitam, kuku pakai cutex.

As a TV host, we are journalist first, and ciri-ciri 'divarisme' kalau boleh kita kikis – baru tinggi peribadi.