Sunday, February 25, 2007

Towkey Rebung tu kawan saya. Saya bukan Chef Terkenal tu!

The weekend in Kuala Terengganu was a great one.

It was a pleasure to be the emcee for the wedding reception of Dr Tengku Aznita and Dr Khairi Aris. They are very nice and so down to earth. It sure was a pleasure too meeting the uncle, Abang Rahim Ismail of PETRONAS (who made me feel like I’m part of the family), his wife and Osman Adnan’s brother (Osman ni one year my junior in MCKK) and his wife. We talked about so many things from Islam in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistam to mengkudu juice and juice manggis.

It was a pleasure too to lepak with Azhar and his friends. Thanks for taking me to melantak seafood at Marang and lepak kat tempat happening sebelah Grand Continental tu.

Oh… on the way back to KL (I took the Sunday 10:00 am flight from KT), I must say, I heard the best ever announcement made by the leading stewardess onboard MAS. Other leading stewards/stewardesses should follow her. Jangan announce pakai bantai ikut suka hati jer, pronounce macam dot-dot-dot.

And yang tak berapa best ialah:

When a chubby man suddenly scream “Hoi apa khabar? Friends , meet the famous owner of Restoran Rebung, Chef Ismail…"

I said, "NO, I bukan Chef Ismail. I am Suhaimi."

Then his friend said (to rescue lah keadahnya).. "Yes.. yes.. The famous Shuhaimi Baba."

No… I said, "Shuhaimi Baba tu perempuan. Dia pengarah filem."

I am Suhaimi Sulaiman.