Sunday, February 18, 2007

The journey, the destination and the discovery

The journey to Port Dickson for our retreat was a long 3 hr drive.

The traffic on the KL-Seremban Highway, as usual, on long holidays, bumper to bumper with cars full of ‘vacation hungry’ humans.

We were part of the crawl from KL to Bangi for about 90 minutes, until we decided to exit at Bandar Putera Mahkota.

We made a u-turn, back to the north and we took the Bangi exit.

Next we took the old road from Bangi to Kajang to Semenyih to Beranang to Mantin to Seremban and then crossed over the congested highway to Port Dickson.

Now, I would like to suggest something for the people who make money from the toll.

Do not make the people who pay for using the highway suffer. It’s not nice. When we charge people for a service, it is only fair that we tell them about the products/services that they are paying for. As such, the operators of highways must have many electronic boards along the highway that will help consumers decide whether to continue to be in the massive jam or exit at the next opportunity and follow the old road. There must also be info-boards along the highway for road users to SMS or call a content operator who can give an update of the traffic situation along the way. Islam Hadari is about making money the RIGHT, FAIR way without CRUELLY TAXING the customers. Letting people to be trapped ON THE HIGHWAY after they agreed to pay for your services (read: Toll) is unIslamic.


At the end of the retreat in Port Dickson, me, Rizal and Roul came out with a brilliant treatment for our feature film project on a controversial subject with Oscar material storyline.

Next is hooking up with the right director (who already loved the synopsis even before seeing the script) and ‘selling’ to idea to angel investors. Mokciknab is in, ya boleh beli baju kat pasar klewer for the Oscar night for next year for best actress ok…, we’ll have part of the film shoot in Jakarta too.


Last night, MorkyMoqq and me set a world record in our books. We sat and talked and talked from 11:15 pm to 3:30 in the morning. What did we talk about? From politics to business, to bloggers, wedding plans, mind reading and the arts and science of being happy and of oranges and apples.


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