Sunday, October 01, 2006

I've been robbed!!!

What? Yes, they stole my camera bag and laptop from the car.

When? When we stopped to berbuka puasa at the Jejantas Sg Buloh Exit on the North-South Highway.

Where? The parking area infront of the toilets at Sg Buloh's rest area.

Why? Salah I jugak. Because I was just lazy to take the laptop out of the car, even after Razin reminded me to do so. I normally would carry the laptop with me anywhere I go. Dah 'tertulis' dah.

Who? Who did it? Some assholes from hell. I hope they'll die a painful slow death with bamboo growing out of their assess.

How? They broke the window of my car.


So today, I went to fixed the car window. Thanks to Razin, who made all the arrangements kat Kedai Danny Ah Koon, Wangsa Maju.

And next... Beli laptop baru... Sial betul pencuri ni.. depa ingat aku ni duit berjuta boleh beli laptop macam beli twisties!!!

Nasib baik bulan puasa, kalau tidak bergegar KL dengan laungan F _ _ K!!!