Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Content oh Content

I spent almost the whole day Tuesday at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur for the rehearsal and ‘real time’ Malaysian Business Corporate Governance Award 2005.

Great to see the Berita Publishing gang again – Charles, Ajak Abu Chik, Prathab, Kak Zaini and of course THE Datuk A Kadir Jasin (my mentor in the journalism world). I told Datuk Kadir that I love his blog -- www.kadirjasin.blogspot.com.

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Datuk A Kadir Jasin

The guest of honour was Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and as usual he spoke his mind. He did ‘sindir’ the press and to a certain extent the current administration.

I also managed to chat briefly with my favourite blogger/online newspaper-sendiri editor – Jeff Ooi.

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Jeff Ooi

Lately I have not been buying the ‘physical’ newspapers because I tak larat dengan the stories and also the same old ‘beliau berkata, beliau menambah, menurut beliau’ – kupasannya di mana?

What about TV? Rather not say.

Anyway, my staple content-diet now = www.jeffooi.com, www.kadirjasin.blogspot.com, and a couple more thinking souls on the internet.

I’m beginning to wonder, khalayak Melayu ni tak cerdik ker? Because the content in the newspaper sebenarnya melambangkan pembacanya...

Cerita hantu, cerita api terbang—amat memenatkan...

Somehow I feel the thinking Malays’ needs for great, compelling content tak cukup.

Serious content tak perlu boring – it’s all about inform, educate and entertain.

What next?

Well first I need to do my laundry – see the baju kotor bawah ni?

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Enjoy Cekem’s Pink Lemonade and of course Cekem’s company – ramai lupa it’s the company yang penting not the drink!!! Hint..Hint...

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