Thursday, January 12, 2006

Laporpo -- Watakungsi -- Landing Time

It's Friday and I berhak jadi sikit tarak betul.

Started this morning on an energetic note on RED 104.9 -- We discussed 'live' on radio -- "something is not right about the supply/demand and the delivery of our kangkong, sawi, bayam, cili etc".

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If things are OK then why are we constantly seeing (yes... almost every year) harga veges naik because hujanlah, flood lah. Don't tell me we can't forecast the weather and use the info to plan the supply. Tak der hedging system ker?. And yes -- on REDFM, we discussed -- things will have to change. If there need to be a Kangkong Futures, Cili Padi Futures. well, buatlah. Why must we still see agriculture in the same way 30 or 40 years ago -- Belanda kalau diberi lagi banyak tanah, lagi banyak tulips yang tahan frost, severe weather and of course tahan serangga perosak dan juga tahan kulat akan dihasilkan. Tanam pokok bertingkat-tingkat dalam rumah ala-kaca tahan ribut (macam mangkuk tingkat buat letak makanan untuk pergi picnic). Why? Sendri kena tau lah brader. (... jangan marah yer.. nanti kena jual..)

Hmm... Silakan AhlilFikir...

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Anyway, wanna do a "Jejak Kasih". It's so glad to hear from you again Jamil Taha (siap antar gambar meletop lagi) after many years terpisah after the good ole days at Malay College. Keep reading this blog OK -- semoga terhibur -- bak kata juruhebah RTM -- "kalau merenung bintang di langit jangan lupa rumput di bumi" (apa connection dia? -- suka hati... gasak)

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OK.. Since it's Friday, bolehlah tak betul sikit -- so I bacalah Horoscope yang setahun punya... For Taurus, see below and see what I have highlighted -- itu ada kena-mengenalah kot.


Year 2006 Overview

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During the early part of the year -- say, from January through March -- you may be bitten by the travel bug. This isn't customary for you, and you don't often have an irrepressible urge to leave everyone and everything you love. Once you've got the fever, though, chances are good you won't want to settle for anything less than a major tour, featuring every spot you've always wanted to visit (...aha... ini macam tau projek gua dengan Razin jer...). Don't deprive yourself. This is your moment to pack lightly (yes, really -- you can do it if you try) and go shopping for experiences rather than objects. Go get 'em!

If you're attached, you'll take your partner along for the adventure, of course. And not just because you'll have lots more fun with your beloved by your side. You'll also want to travel as a pair because you're big on seeing the results of your investments -- and that goes double for the investment of your time. This will be another experience to add to the collection you two have already amassed, and it stands to bring you even closer. If you're single, don't be surprised if you meet someone on the road who has a wonderful accent. In fact, this someone may not be averse to the idea of a long-distance move -- or of taking in a roommate from a far-off place. (...hmmm apa maksudnyer... accent yer... ker educated abroad?... sendri kena taulah) Either way, between the movements of the planets and the influence of eclipses in mid-March and late September, you're likely to be a lot more focused on romance than you have been in quite some time.

Career matters will also move along quite well for you during the early part of the year, most likely due to the influence, support or advice of a female authority figure or elder. (... aha... ini macam fairy godmother atau sugarmummy?... oh tidak... but then...oh betul gak -- i mean the authority/elder figure... ish..ish...ish.. jangan buruk sangka, tak baik) In fact, regardless of the areas of your life that need sorting out, this holds true: Trust the loving, experienced people all around you. They won't lead you astray.

The last months of the year will arrive with some big changes for you, most likely involving the improvement of joint finances and new developments in your intimate partnerships. If you're feeling optimistic around New Year's Eve, it's not by accident. This roll you're on won't be going anywhere for quite some time.

Tiba-tiba terasa macam nak main Trivial Pursuit -- Lagu-lagu 70an. Ceman... Apa lagi?
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