Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Jamming for our concert at The Curve

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Wahai kengkawan,

If you have nothing better to do on Dec 31, go lah to The Curve, coz my friends and I will be doing our "Jamming Session" to usher in 2006.

We are non-professional singers and performers but boleh bagi cabaran hebat giler to the 'artis-artis'. Gitulah gamaknyer.

We have journalists, TV presenters, geologist, art dealers dan ramai lagi who will be showing their talents.

And BTW, let us make the occasion a get together for bloggers and non-bloggers -- boleh? You can participate in the trivial pursuit game.

Anyway, sekarang ni our office bising giler coz we are practicing for the Big day -- macam Silver Tortoise dalam film P Ramlee dedolu.

Nak tengok contoh-contoh performance -- sila CLICK HERE

Macamana? Nak datang tak lepas tengok video tu?