Saturday, January 21, 2006


It was a fun Saturday afternoon.

Me, Papa Khalid and Husni had a great time makan lauk pauk tradisional Negori Sembilan.

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Me, Papa Khalid, Husni

You must try this new restoran at Taman Tunku, Bukit Tunku – Right below Habibah’s Warisan Benang Kapas Boutique.

It’s called Pinang Masak and owned by Dato’ Sam – Yes THE Dato’ Samsudin Abu Hassan – the funky corporate figure.

Must try – masak lemak ayam bendi, sambal ikan masin and more.

Dato’ Sam personally attended to all the guests – PR baik punya.

Anyway, after the makan-makan, I had a one-on-one lesson on penjagaan ikan from Husni -- pakar aquarium, ikan and all matters related to the swimming species -- remember he is also a pilot – dia ni nak control daratan, udara and lautan lah gamaknya.

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You must see his aquarium – great ecosystem – not like mine – ikan semua gila (macam tuan lah agaknya...)

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But before Saturday, on Friday, I had a ‘chronic mental exhaustion’ – tapi belum tahap gila meroyanlah. And today I seriously believe I really need a break.

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After the radio show with Azli Paat of DAPAT, I rushed home, put my phone on silence mode and tido the whole day. Woke up masa waktu maghrib – I was simply exhausted -- if only money can fall from the sky and I don’t have to work kan bagus? Macam pennies from heaven (yes... double ‘n’ with an ‘e’).

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Anyway, I now will go out and beli dye rambut nak tutup uban – don’t know why but suddenly in the last few days, my uban bertambah dengan banyaknya and I suddenly looked dehydrated...