Monday, January 30, 2006

Di Puncak Fraser's Hill

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Yes... Me and the gang got back from a 'noti boys' retreat at Fraser's Hill, yesterday. Penat macam nak rak but we had a jolly good time.

We stayed at a 'haunted place' -- and yes, Papa Khalid & I lari from our bedroom and slept in the living room, while the other two perasan macho guys terus tidur in their bedroom tapi takut gak dengan bunyi scratch and knock-knock kat tingkap. But then again hantu takkan nak kacau kitorang (coz we all at times perangai macam hantu gak -- so kira memberlah ni).

And yes, we took lots of pictures and will be posting them soon here.

Most of all, the best part = we all became each others' shrink -- yes psychiatrist tak bertauliah -- solving matters from fascination with dot dot dot to addiction to det det det -- macam-macamlah, mengalahkan UN General Assembly punya masalah.

Till then, looking forward for tea with Morky Moqq on Thursday.

Also, Muluk and I will be going to my buddy Husni's Gemarimba Gallery on Saturday night for the "Quddin playing with POP' show by Taquddin of Leo Burnett.

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And BTW, recently I went through a crisis yang "tak lah seterok the Gulf War".

And pengajarannya? It's just good to know who your friends are -- people who would really care for you. At the same time you must identify and keep a distance from people who would just grab whatever they can from you. Also, nama kita amat berharga dan janganlah tergadai nama kerana harta yang tak seberapa. Dan aku bukan untuk dibeli dan kemudian dijual semula setelah kering diperah...

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And oh... my horoscope kat yahoo... macam tahu-tahu ajer... see below...

You've jee-ust about had it with putting your nose to the grindstone, and you've just about had it with a certain group of friends. That's really saying something, for you, the most diligent, loyal sign in the heavens. It's like this: You've just discovered (maybe not factually, but emotionally) that you're being taken advantage of, and you're all done with it. The best part is that now that you've made your decision, you can relax, guilt-free. Oh, and by the way, stay mad -- it's energizing

And the forecast for the day to come at is so darn accurate (tapi toksahlah percaya sangat kan...). Bagaimana pun for Taurus, see below...

You're famous for being self-sufficient, so when someone you trust implicitly comes to you with advice -- unsolicited advice -- you may feel torn between following their guidance to a tee or listening to your own inner voice. Fortunately, you two are on the same page right now, so all you have to do is to trust in those common denominators, one of which will undoubtedly be to get rid of anyone or anything that's tying you to negative memories from the past.