Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Lelaki pakai lipstick ker?

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Apa salah nyer?

So what?

I’m one of them.

It’s not actually lipstick...for the uninitiated, it is called lipliner -- lukis sikit and dab-dab evenly.

Why I need it? Because on TV, I will look so poor, inferior and ‘stressed’ without it.

However, off the air, I am stuck with it too. Coz when I’m in my "natural" state I once got this remark... Here’s the story…

Many years ago, at TV3, as always, after a recording or a ‘live’ show, I will immediately wash off the TV make-up (kalau kikis boleh kumpul sebesar duit 50 sen, it’s that heavy ok). So with my fresh face, I went straight to my room. At that time, there were a group of primary school kids visiting the newsroom and someone said, ‘Hoi, itu Suhaimi Sulaiman’. And his friend asked.. “Mana?” And the guy who spotted me said, “Tu, yang dalam bilik tu”. And his friend panjangkan leher and peeked into my room and said to his friend “tak der lah...Suhaimi Sulaiman tu lain.. orang dalam bilik tu HITAM, GEMOK dan BURUK!!”

Since that day, the lipliner is something like religion, together with bedak sikit. And I’m still a man. OK jer. Sperm count pun OK jer.