Saturday, September 20, 2008



I only reached home at midnight.

Lepaking and bersembang with Moqq, Milla, Kichi + girlfriend and Moqq’s cousins, after Terawih time, was so much fun.

The sup lidah at Pelita Nasi Kandar in Bangsar could be the reason that made us talked and joked non-stop.

Right after consuming the sup, terus berpeluh badan, panas dan rasa nak ketawa – no, I’m not implying anything, or speculate the ingredients…

Among others we talked about my friend Luke’s encounter with a pengemis buta.

Here’s the story:


Luke was in a generous mood. A pengemis buta came and Luke took out his wallet and was looking for a one ringgit, 5 ringgit and 10 ringgit notes. He couldn’t find any. He only had a couple of 50 ringgit . So he took out the 50 ringgit note and gave the pengemis. The blind man, after feeling the note said, “Dik, ini banyak sangat ni, ini 50 ringgit…” And Luke said, “Bang, kalau abang tahulah apa saya dah buat (read: kenakalan dunia), saya kena bagi abang lagi banyak, bang… ambik jer lah…”

Then we talked about how I was so honoured when a girl came over and asked my autograph in a grocery store in Kuala Kangsar and she told me to wait to get her mom to take a photo with me.

I waited and realizing that I was restless, she screamed to her mom,

“Mak cepatlah, orang nak ambik gambar dengan artis ni..” The mom said, “Siapa dia?” The girl said, “Chef Ismail…” And I tersipu-sipu… Banyaklah resemblance…

And we joked about how Milla, and Mohsein’s cousins spent the whole day ‘shopping’ only to buy satu kerongsang… Macam tu lah kalau shopping ngan oang pompuan.

Anyway, before the sup lidah session, I had a great time berbuka puasa with Jef, his parents and siblings at Dewan Perdana FELDA.

They were in town to do some raya shopping and Jef & I thought it would be a great idea to buka puasa with them. And true enough, we had a great time.

Me, Abang Mustafa (Jef's Dad) and Kakak (Jef's Mom)


Me, Jef, and Jef's younger brother Asrin

Asrin & Adik

Makan time