Friday, July 29, 2005

Blue Black Hair

Today is Friday.

And at SSO it means, "can't wait for the weekend"

So we decide to colour our hair blue black.

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Yes, me, Shazwan and Mokciknab bergilir-gilir kaler rambut at the office (BTW our office lengkap dengan towel, barang-barang untuk kaler rambut, hair dryer,..semua lengkap...jangan marah... and cermin setinggi awan)

All our blonde streaks gone...

As Mokciknab puts it "blonde ni nampak tualah"

Lemme see...

Now that I have blue black hair, nampak macam rambut palsu pulak.

And Shazwan lagi best, terus dye kening sekali.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Asmaradana on MCKK Grounds

Outing sekali sekala ni memang best.

Mengendurkan segala yang stressed.

Just look at my friends.

Ini Elin and Mooze (doing the pickpocket shuffle)
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Here are Mokciknab and PM@dada (posing ala Media Hiburan)
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Here is Shazwan (posing 'aku belum puas')
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And me .. (posing ala 'and the first runner up... it's a very important position, just in case Mr Universe cannot fulfill his duty, the first runner up will be Mr Universe...)
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Monday, July 25, 2005

Tempat jatuh lagi dikenang

Went back to Malay College on Friday the 22nd of July for the MCKK Old Boys Weekend.

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It sure was fun coz this time I went back with Mokciknab, PM, Mooze, Elin and Shazwan.

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We simply didn't have enough time to catch up with many of the budak-budak tua kolek but sure terubat rindu by just seeing their faces.

Sempat spent 'quality time' with Morky Moqq.

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Also, sempat compare siapa lagi besar sekarang (size baju) with Dollah, Nasha and Kue.

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I'll write more next time coz teramatlah sibok sekarang.

For now, enjoy dulu part of the gambar... more gambar coming up soon...
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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

How to do banking like this?

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Is it just me or you too face the same problem?

Whenever you want to withdraw money at the bank, the ATM is down.

Whenever you want to deposit cheques, the Cheque Deposit Machine is down.

And on weekends, everything down.

And they don't have many 'human' tellers to entertain you anymore.

Electronic banking ker, whatever banking ker, service kena baiklah.

Boring betul..

Sometimes, it's like they (the banks) are doing you a favour. Masa kita nak pakai mesin-mesin magic tu, masa tulah nak replenish duit, masa tulah nak buat maintenance. Tak boleh ker buat masa lain?

So kita ni Malaysians yang baik, tunggulah kat luar for like 10 to 15 minutes -- tak marah pun.

Today I think we must marah. Coz I had to drive to 2 different banks today coz mesin-mesin magic depa down and the people in there buat derk ajer.

Monday, July 18, 2005


Rule # 1: You have to look out for your own interests as it's a dog-eat-dog world.

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Rule # 2: You must always be in the news...
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Rule # 3: If you can't stand the heat, get out...
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Rule # 4: If you can't beat them, eat them... Image Hosted by

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Lelaki pakai lipstick ker?

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Apa salah nyer?

So what?

I’m one of them.

It’s not actually lipstick...for the uninitiated, it is called lipliner -- lukis sikit and dab-dab evenly.

Why I need it? Because on TV, I will look so poor, inferior and ‘stressed’ without it.

However, off the air, I am stuck with it too. Coz when I’m in my "natural" state I once got this remark... Here’s the story…

Many years ago, at TV3, as always, after a recording or a ‘live’ show, I will immediately wash off the TV make-up (kalau kikis boleh kumpul sebesar duit 50 sen, it’s that heavy ok). So with my fresh face, I went straight to my room. At that time, there were a group of primary school kids visiting the newsroom and someone said, ‘Hoi, itu Suhaimi Sulaiman’. And his friend asked.. “Mana?” And the guy who spotted me said, “Tu, yang dalam bilik tu”. And his friend panjangkan leher and peeked into my room and said to his friend “tak der lah...Suhaimi Sulaiman tu lain.. orang dalam bilik tu HITAM, GEMOK dan BURUK!!”

Since that day, the lipliner is something like religion, together with bedak sikit. And I’m still a man. OK jer. Sperm count pun OK jer.

Monday, July 11, 2005


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I was so sick.

Was it the weather? Or was it sebab I tak cukup vitamin C?

But I was sick for the past one week. Demam giler. Tapi tak kurus pon – selera bertambah adalah… And I pun jahat – dahlah demam, lepas tu makan durian pulak.

And the smell of durian masih ada in my fridge. Dah letak baking soda pun masih ada.. can't stand it. Sesiapa ada petua tu, bagi lah, tolong ... the durian aroma is driving me nuts!!!

Anyway, I have recovered sikit.

And work at the office bertambah banyak.

And I hope I can survive all these.

Nanti I update.. OK

Monday, July 04, 2005


Why oh why?

Today, I had difficulty to switch on my Palm One.

Tekan punya tekan, finally menyala lampu.

But when I went to Calendar, all the entries gone...

And I went to contacts, all the info gone...

And when I striked the memo key, nothing left...

And the sad part is, when my laptop crashed recently, and after the laptop was repaired, I failed to back-up the content from Palm to the laptop.

Akhirnya, tiada yang tinggal, cuma kenangan dan macam-macam masalah akan datang...

So birthday-birthday info all gone.

Appointments, and emcee jobs -- nasib baik I ada sikit-bionic mind.

Lain-lain entries -- tarak...

Like Yasmin, I can only say "Oh tidak... dugaan."