Wednesday, July 20, 2005

How to do banking like this?

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Is it just me or you too face the same problem?

Whenever you want to withdraw money at the bank, the ATM is down.

Whenever you want to deposit cheques, the Cheque Deposit Machine is down.

And on weekends, everything down.

And they don't have many 'human' tellers to entertain you anymore.

Electronic banking ker, whatever banking ker, service kena baiklah.

Boring betul..

Sometimes, it's like they (the banks) are doing you a favour. Masa kita nak pakai mesin-mesin magic tu, masa tulah nak replenish duit, masa tulah nak buat maintenance. Tak boleh ker buat masa lain?

So kita ni Malaysians yang baik, tunggulah kat luar for like 10 to 15 minutes -- tak marah pun.

Today I think we must marah. Coz I had to drive to 2 different banks today coz mesin-mesin magic depa down and the people in there buat derk ajer.