Monday, October 27, 2008

Of seatbelt and underwear


We were at Signature GSC to watch a B Movie.

Geeezzz... I have forgotten the title -- though it was just yesterday.

Yeah it says alot about the movie, but still, it was a good break from a very tiring week.

Jef thought I needed the break so he decided to drag me out of the house to the movie. Anyway, that's not the real story.

The real story is this:

Once we got in the movie theatre, once seated, I frantically started looking high and low for the seatbelt. I could find it. And I suddenly laughed out loud. Jef looked at me kinda puzzled. I told him, I was looking for the seatbelt. And he said... "it's about time to go for a holiday, Singapore? hahah..."

Another story,,,


You know how it is these days youngsters like to wear their jeans like really really low and expose their underwear (if they wear undies...).

Well Faris Fungus does that at the office almost every single day.

One day all of the sudden Zarina screamed, "Hoi, kau ni nak tunjuk kau punya underwear ni apahal? Nak naikkan nafsu orang ker?"

Mama Rina ... pheww.... Inilah kisah generation gap.

BTW Zarina is the supplier of muruku, kuih tat and segala macam munchies at the office. And she hogs the waste paper basket. Don't anyone dare move the basket away from her. Other than the low rise jeans drama, she is a nice mama.

Now... an idea for a present?