Saturday, August 02, 2008

Zana's Wedding in Tampin



At about 1:30 pm we said goodbye to Abang Mustafa and Kakak.

Abang Mustafa and Kakak are Jef’s parents.

Abang Mustafa & I

Before we left, Abang Mustafa hugged me and told me to take care of Jef "kalau nia nakal rotan dia" he said jokingly... hmmm... rotan eh...and before that during sembang-sembang Abang Mustafa told Jef he liked my Versace Eau De Toilette.

So I guess the next time we meet I know what present to give him. Step aside Body Shop...hahaha.

Wait a minute me taking care of Jef? Hmmm.... I can't even take care of myself... But I will try... (with an evil grin.... lawak jer ok). But seriously, me and my friends, we always look after one another... the other day, when I was sick, Dangsuria who was also sick took me out for breakfast. Kam, walaupun dia machoman-in-the-world would go out of his way to attend to me when I have unsolvable problems. In my case, love tidak terbatas kepada family but also the people I work with, my small close circle of friends who are my 'shrinks' and 'life-support-system'. I am just so darn lucky.

We left Tampin with great memories.


Bahulu Tampin

It was great to meet and chat over lunch with Abang Mustafa at Zana & Zul’s wedding (oh… by the way Zana’s dad and Abang Mustafa are good friends and Jef and Zana were born on the same day, 21 years ago.) .

We talked about lots of things from Jef’s performance and future as a trainee aircraft maintenance engineer and the education of his 2 younger brothers, to the economic situation, Permatang Pauh story and where the country is heading.

Zana’s dad was so touched that I decided to come to the wedding and Zana looked beautiful in her baju pengantin.


Jef & Zana (tangan I tak stabil...goyang)


Zana's family and I


Me & Jef

And me and Jef sempat shopping beli baju baru nak gi Tampin ni.

Jef bought a nice red shirt and a nice LaCoste shoes

And tengah malam semalam I helped Jef bleached his hair for the rambut-karat effect…

Lawan tokey tu…


It was nice to meet the extended family...

Being invited to a wedding is an honour, I always try my best to attend any invitation kalau tak ada recording because I will never have the chance to attend my own wedding...


The extended family

Jef pose sambil drive