Thursday, January 31, 2008


Daddy, me and Syaza many years back

Yesterday I cried...

Why? Because I received a note. The note says (in summary that is...) "I look up to you and I see great qualities in you. Will you guide me? I want to be successful too, like you..."

I almost stopped breathing. I never see myself as 'successful'. I work hard, yes... I live comfortably, yes.. I can afford to indulge, yes...but to think that I am successful, it's still a long way. I'm reckless, I have low self-esteem and I am hopeless when it comes to auto parts & repairs, gadgets, and getting the shower fixed. I'm still learning how to transfer songs to Sony MP4 (where is the USB...ahhhh) and I have no idea how to hook the camera to my laptop for face-to-face chat... I'm struggling ok.

I talked to Kam about it... And Kam said... "If you only knew the power that you have over others...."

And I replied the note with this... 'We will guide each other... You have great qualities too and I see a lot of me in you..."

On the mattress in front of the TV (with Obama & Clinton barking at the world), I tossed and turned till the wee morning hour and soon the alarm went off... It's 6:30 am...and JM, thanks for the note for it has taken me to another level now.