Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kisah 'kendem'

Ashwad was mad yesterday at a convenience store over a ‘kendem’.

‘Kendem’? Apa ceritanya. Ini ceritanya.


A Mat Rempit was taking such a long time talking to a Burmese/Myanmarese cashier who obviously needs to enrol in a BM101 class.

Mat Rempit: Ada ‘kendem’ (pronounced ‘kernderm’)?

Cashier: Ada. Pergi belakang tengok.

So the Mat Rempit went to the back and couldn’t find the ‘kendem’ and came back to the cashier.

Mat Rempit: Tak ada ‘kendem’.

Cashier: Ada. Belakang. Ada tulis tepung gandum.

Mat Rempit: Bukan. Itu kendemlah. Kendem, kendem... (with his eyes directing the cashier to the condoms behind the cash register).

The cashier still couldn’t figure out.

Suddenly Ashwad, loud and clear said it.

Ashwad: CONDOM… Kendem, kendem. Sebut CONDOM. Itu untuk … (Aswad using his fingers to describe sexual intercourse).

Cashier: Oh… (smiles).

And the Mat Rempit paid the cashier and walked away with a shy tudung wearing girl holding on to a file (obviously just came back from class or tuition) waiting outside the convenience store.