Tuesday, March 27, 2007


What a stressful morning!!!

Today, at 6:30 am, I went to Citibank to settle the payment for my Mastercard yang dah a few days past due.

Right after that at 6:45 as usual I went to Devi’s for my teh tarik and roti bakar.

And this time, instead of being the normal anal me (always checking on things, takut terlupa barang and all), I terlupa to swith off lampu kereta.

And at 7:45, after my cup of tea and after flipping a few pages of The Star, I masuk kereta and of courselah… kereta tak boleh start.

Apa lagi… I told my brains – jangan panic ok…

And I had the best exercise!!

Tinggalkan kereta kat tempat parking between Madam Kwan’s and the New Bangsar Village, and went to kedai repair kereta belakang Restoran Syed (adalah 400 metres pergi-balik... keluarlah peluh). But it was just too early. The mechanics were still in bed (boinking perhaps…).

So I took the cab to make sure I’ll reach MIDA at Plaza Sentral before 8:30 because today is the second day of training for the directors and officers of MIDA who will be selling Malaysia in the Global Market.

It’s 8:45 now… and I told myself, cool.. relax… breathe normally and shine…

Papa Khalid and Cekem akan tolong letak coins dalam parking meter. Petang nanti I ganti battery, after the training… AHHHHHH.

Yang penting, presentation and training kena meletop..