Monday, March 19, 2007

Writers are STARs

When the big group of great talented journalists and editors left The New Straits Times a couple of years back, I did miss their columns and stories. Why? Because their flair for writing, their articles and style, really entertained me.

For me, reading is not just about getting new information but to also get to know the world that the writers live in and how they see the world.

So when Datin Rose Ismail, Fatimah Abu Bakar, Aishah Ali, Dazman Manan, Hisham Harun and many more left (don’t ask me why they left… if you want to know ask the people in the keluargo-journo-circle and they’ll tell you…), I tercari-cari kerja-kerja baru mereka.

They are like recording artistes – you keep on wanting more from them because they entertain you while delivering the message.

Now I’m happy all the great writers dah bergabung to produce a cool magazine for ‘women of substance’, MADAM CHAIR. And not only women, men too buy the magazine because of the mass appeal.

For me, I read MADAM CHAIR because I love the way the contributors write – they are the stars.

In Volume VII, I particularly enjoyed the story on how Nafisah Radin built NR Architect into a great brand and Aishah Ali’s interview with the former Chief Judge of Malaysa, Tan Sri Siti Norma Yaakob.

Since we are discussing writers and what they write, Monsieur Kimster in his latest posting again went back to debating whether to write a book or continue serving the Big Company. What to write lah? Will it sell lah?

Kimster… Write about sex. Why not? After all, Dr Ruth Westheimer became prime time material because she managed to make the editorial on sex acceptable for under-18 viewers.

Talking about sex, the other night, I was so ‘impressed’ (for lack of a better word) with how patient and ‘considerate’ of a male cat to not force itself on a female cat. Mengekor sampai kat setengah jam -- unlike what we normally see on National Geographic, terus mount.

Oklah, enough… before this blog becomes Kamasutra.blogspot.