Sunday, October 08, 2006

Why women (and some men..) fall for tall, dark and handsome men…

I am addicted to ‘buying’ books and will be easily bored after reading a couple of chapters – simply because the authors are lousy story tellers.

Today, a lazy Sunday, I decided to grab the book nearest to my day bed (which has now assumed the title of ‘The Bed – Day & Night’ as a result of me migrating out of the bedroom and ‘converting’ the living room into the bedroom and turning the kitchen into a library-cum-tempat store old newspapers).

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Ah, talk about the book that I grabbed (easily distracted here..), it happened to be Gladwell’s BLINK.

I flipped and flipped the pages and suddenly saw an interesting heading – The Warren Harding Error: Why We Fall for Tall Dark and Handsome.

It’s about how people’s appearance – their size or shape or colour or sex can trigger a set of powerful association and many times got people into trouble big time!!

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It’s about the dark side of rapid cognition -- The powerful association with certain words and concepts.

That’s why picking the right candidate for a job is so difficult and why, on some occasions utter mediocrities sometimes end up in positions of enormous responsibility. Takut!!!

Maksudnya, orang baik tak semestinya pandai… Dan orang seksi tu tak semestinya pandai main. Tak semestinya yang jari pendek tu sek habis. Macam tulah.. if we need to take the concept to plebians.

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