Monday, September 11, 2006

Embrace yourself and be happy with your imperfections and flaws...

Yesterday, while alone in the office preparing the training syllabus and powerpoint presentation on communications and branding for a client, after everyone has left, something just like ‘VOOSHed’ me.

And the cue – look at the old “appraisal forms” (feedback forms from participants of previous training programmes).

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And I looked at them and there’s a trend --- The participants loved the fun and casual way I conducted the training and how I make my fears and flaws worked for me.

I actually fear speaking in front of a large audience (yes, you’ll say what-the- ...., but it’s true) and I would always laugh at myself and tell people that I’m afraid standing infront of the class and later share with them how I make the fears work for me.

And the participants and I would always end up communicating on the same wavelength.

Why? Because they can identify with me as they feel the same.

I fear many things in life -- I am 'awkward' in many ways, I talk too fast, I’m fat, I don’t listen well, my hair is freezy and needs ironing and blowdrying every morning and would be freezy again when I sweat, I blink-blink like every few seconds, I’m old and single (to some people, it’s a problem, but shit, I don’t care..), I have big butts, I can’t stand wearing socks, and more and more – but I work hard and may be ‘smart’ to make all these ‘negatives’ work for me.

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How? By knowing why I have these fears? Why? Simply because I really want so much to be loved and I would work extra hard to be the perfect person that I can never be and hopefully will be loved when I turned PERFECT. But, you don’t have to, right? I think so.

Because if you are true to your goals and intentions, you’ll be loved with all your flaws and imperfections. Tapi niat kena baik, tuhan sure tolong – kalau niat jahat -- tuhan bayar ‘cash’.

At times, perfect is boring!!!

But don’t apply this when you are competing in a gymnastic competition.