Saturday, September 02, 2006

Life is too short. Be happy and grab the opportunity to be happy.


“Do things you are good at and things that will make you happy instead of carrying out tasks and chores that you can tolerate just because you have to pay the bills...”

Today I live by the above.

And I am very happy to see my good friend Mariam has started, in a small but promising way, her soon-to-be successful business.

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Mariam’s Place

I spent the afternoon at Mariam’s place at Danau Permai.

Her 2-bedroom unit on the 19th floor of the Condo was like a garden in the sky, so cosy that you would want to lepak for hours.

Mariam has secured a small space in the city to market her mocha-lemon peel cookies and tarts.

She also makes delicious cheesecakes with special ingredients for diabetics.

My mom, who is a diabetic, loves her variety of cheesecakes.

Mariam and I, studied together at Portland State University, in Oregon.

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Me and Mariam

She’s like a sister to me. In Portland, yes di rantau orang, when I was broke and when Daddy’s TT from Chase Manhattan ada sikit lambat, Mariam would ‘feed’ me. She’s an angel.

Mariam studied Business and TESL and excels as a Human Resources Consultant today.

But somehow I feel she’s happiest when baking cheesecakes and cookies and packaging them and delivering them with love to her customers -- Like how I’m happy doing what I do today, though not rich (not yet, but then I don’t want to be rich, I want to be happy surrounded by people that I love and care).

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I had a promising career in broadcast journalism but internal politics took 60% of my energy daily and what people praised me from what they saw on television was just the remaining 40%. Bayangkanlah, if it was a 100% !!.

My friend Mokciknab kept on reminding us to “Be happy walking in the park than playing a lead role in a cage.” -- or something like that lah...