Monday, May 01, 2006


The Tiong Emas that appeared at Pian’s window was so beautiful with golden yellow feathers.

Biasalah burung kan semuanya ‘teaser’. Nampak jinak, nak ditangkap lari (hint...hint)

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I waited and waited by the window to capture the beauty of the tiong emas with Pian’s camera, but the tiong emas decided not to come.

Bila tak der camera dia datang.

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Tiong emas bagaikan tahu membuat hati kita rawan. Seronoklah tu...

And who is Pian? Pian = Suffian = Our brilliant and very talented good looking architect. He operates from a very funky office at Taman Tiong Emas (what a coincident), in Melaka.

Yes Melaka.

Me and Razin and Khairul went to Melaka over the weekend to discuss with Pian an exciting project that we are embarking at the moment.

And when in Rome do what the Romans would do kan? So when in Melaka dig the asam pedas, kupang and all the great stuff at Umbai/Serkam.

Macamana nak healthy diet!!.

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Bagaimana pun...

Tiong Emas membuat hati ku rawan.

To Razin, Pian and the rest of the geng,