Saturday, April 08, 2006


It was a hectic day yesterday.

Met many nice interesting people.

First, a local Muslim, Muhammad Azhari who deals with Lacquer Ware. He speaks fluent Malay.

Then had coffee with Abd Hadi Law, a jovial fun man. He is the Business Development Manager for The Lion Group in Vietnam.

At the centre of Ho Chi Minh City is PARKSON -- yes.... It's like Malaysia lah..

Then at a funky cafe, I met a seasoned media man and got an insight of the media scene in Vietnam. He has vast experience in print and electronic media.

In the evening, had a great time at the best Jazz Cafe in Ho Chi Minh City -- "The Sax N Art Jazz Cafe". The music is a fusion of Vietnam-New Orleans-New York-Paris.
Yes... Best giler dia orang ni!!

Today, I will go on a tour from 9 to 5. After last night, I might just sleep in the van....