Friday, April 28, 2006

I 'DIED' for 5 seconds or so...

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Yes I ‘died’ for about 5 seconds.

If not for Papa Khalid and a former nurse who ‘just happened’ to be there, I would have ‘died’ longer.

It all started with a joke, and I laughed (in fact laughed too much), and then I coughed and then it just stopped. (Ini bukan DRAMA or telenovelas...true story ok).

And I fell on the floor.

Then I heard Papa Khalid screaming “Cekmi are you OK!!!”

And I said, yes, let us go and eat at Cozy House.

And we went for dinner.

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I ‘died’ for a few seconds. And now Papa Khalid and the rest of my close friends are worried sick.

Now, don’t you ever tell Pak Leman and my mom or they’ll freak out – and yes I mean you Syaza (my nephew).

Syaza reads this blog religiously...

I'm OK now and ready to booggie and paint the town red, blue and pink...