Friday, November 25, 2005


Yes, guilty.

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Over the past week, I have been stopped at KLCC, Mid Valley and BSC by strangers and friends for not 'uploading' fresh content on this blog! Tak sangkalah ramai jugak yang baca -- coz yang post comments tak lah ramai -- i don't have a stats counter kat sini yet.

The truth is, I have been extremely busy -- teramatlah banyak kerja macam nak rak.

Should have a bit more time next week.

Lots of stories in my head but no time to hit the laptop. I bawaklah laptop ke hulu ke hilir kununnyer nak update blog .. tapi tak jugak sempat. I think I need an assistant to jot all the things down agaknyer. Macam itu Dame Barbara Cartland sambil memegang poodle seekor dua.

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