Thursday, November 03, 2005

Raya -- Too Much of a Good Thing?

Thank God -- I did not indulge in makan lemang and rendang bagai nak rak on the first day of Raya. Even my favourite kuih bangkit, bahulu -- sentuh sikit jer.

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Over the years, the meaning of Raya has changed a lot.

We can live without lots of the unnecessary stuff that we see today -- kids thinking its their rights to get duit raya, must have caterer, canopies to entertain people at your house etc -- sederhana jer tak boleh ker?

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And also the need to flaunt your wealth. Also the wrong approach to 'wealth distribution' -- bagi duit kat orang yang dah kaya and not the fakir miskin.

If you watch TV -- Raya programming is about makan banyak-banyak sampai jadi bodoh, must have a new car to balik kampong (walaupun hutang keliling pinggang) and charge to your credit cards to get all the baju cantik-cantik and have artistes nyanyi lagu raya dan joget-joget -- year in year out -- dah tak leh pikir dah ker?

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We must be responsible enough to weave in the true meaning of Ramadan/Syawal in media content in an entertaining way -- not using the 'in your face' treatmentlah -- but subtle.

That's why I love the Petronas commercial about the guy taking care of the old sick father who later married the girl who bought his air tebu.

Selamat Hari Raya yang Sejati