Saturday, December 29, 2007

Radio, Citizen J & Anderson Cooper

Two more days to 2008.

Plans? Yes.

Tapi bukan party-party, menari-menari tu... Enough..

Instead, me and some friends akan pergi camping dekat air terjun and mencari ketenangan jiwa and will spend the night dalam tent (nak feeling-feling macam midnight at the oasis...)

Will post the pix here soon.


What's the deal with the Anderson Cooper book?

Memang best. It is his life story.

Rupa-rupanya dia ni anak Gloria Vanderbilt ('The poor little rich girl' and the jeans designer and pewaris harta keluarga Vanderbilt).

Macam-macam cerita tragedy keluarga and his struggle to find serpihan emotion but in the end since emotion was so difficult to find he went for motion instead... nak tahu details.. baca.. Very well written... clear and concise. Tulisan journalist tersohor.


Another good book that I'm reading at the moment is "We're All Journalists Now".

It is about technology yang mendemokrasikan penyampian maklumat sehingga adakalanya citizen journalist lebih dipercayai daripada traditional journalist. Bacalah.


Now nak komplen sikit.

Every morning masa bersiap nak pergi kerja, I will listen to HOT FM masa mandi.

As DJs, FaFau and FBI memang bagus.

Cuma yang I tak berapa gemar is the station memberi legitimacy dan 'menghalalkan' jokes yang komen pasal physical traits of other people.

For example, peha orang ni besar macam drumstick, hidung orang ni kembanglah, rambut dia botaklah. Walaupun demographics and psychographics pendengar Hot adalah mereka yang berjiwa remaja, I feel, jokes on physical traits tak payahlah.

Kita berseloroh tak perlu gunakan ketidaksempurnaan orang lain.

Remember, the media membentuk dan mengubah landscape pemikiran pendengar dan penonton... Now people will think it's ok to say... hey you... yes you... the one with the big ass...

And Suhaimi has a big ass .. susah nak beli jeans...

Itu sahaja hari ini....

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Camping at Kalumpang

Me, Dangsuria and Shahrul decided to be adventurous over the long Aidil Adha - Christmas holidays.

So we went to Kalumpang (near Tanjung Malim) and lepak at Andy's beautiful piece of land.

There, we met new friends who needed to be away from the hustle and bustle of KL (just like us).

Before that, of courselah singgah makan kat Yik Mun.


Sunday, December 09, 2007

New Toy

I have a new toy! A Waterman pen. So I’ve been writing, and writing and writing… Very easy to please me.

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The studio recording for Awani’s Perspektif Kita went well yesterday. Very happy indeed as the audience were so sporting and were really active participants of both the discussions on Men being abused by women and Financial Management.

Was delighted to see Shafrie and Azrey again. They are really smart students of Kolej Islam Antarabangsa. See their gambar bawah ni…

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And I found an interesting book at Borders yesterday after the studio recording – Ahlul Bait – Keluarga Rasulullah & Kesultanan Melayu. Menarik….

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Super Sunday with Friends and Making Super Bucks from Climate Change

I just love Sunday mornings and will be up as early as 7:30am.

I don't believe in sleeping-in as my mom has ingrained in me -- "kena pintas masa & pintas kerja" as we will never have enough time to get things done, so we must be smart in managing time.

Very early on Sunday I'll lepak at my favourite kedai mamak, Restoran Bestari at Plaza Damas. I love the ambiance more than anything. The food, ok lah...

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Zan Azlee

Sunday is also the time for me to catch up with good friends.

Pagi tadi, had an interesting chat with Zan Azlee, over roti canai. Zan is a very talented journalist, producer, director.

We talked about his latest 75 min documentary -- his journey to Iran, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon capturing visuals of modern Muslims in their 'contemporary world'. We viewed some clips of the video -- awesome!! They have heavy metal bands in Iran -- hmmm... interesting... And.. Computer Games designed by Hezbollah... yer beb, funky gila.

Me and Zan once worked together for Cyberjaya TV, the now 'direhatkan' internet television. Not many people paham bebetul the vision to go global with local content at minimal costs but maximum impact... or maybe we were too early, too ahead of the curve.

Zam has produced lots of content and quite a number of them have been shown on terrestrial TV in Malaysia. His films have been shown at Berlin International Film Festival, Bangkok International Film Festival and New York Asian-American Film Festival.

You can view his work at

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Ariff-Iman & Reed

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Mazlan & Yo

Pagi tadi jugak the old gang lepak sokmo.

With regular -- Zaihani, turut serta were Reed Shamsuddin, Ariff Iman Sum, Yo and Mazlan.

What we talked about? Manyak lahsia worrr... kenot tell.

And we missed Burn... Burn setakat nak cukup beauty sleep... tolonglah.

While waiting for them to arrive, I read a very interesting article on Markets-Bloomberg Magazine on very rich people making so much money riding on the Climate Change Movement.

What they do is invest in Carbon Dioxide, the principle cause of global warming. Markets now enable power companies, refineries and factories to buy and sell the right to pollute once regulators cap emissions level. Conceptnya...

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Now, kalaulah kita cepat sikit and ada vision yang tajam & forward thinking/planning, we could have gone to the markets and dictate the rules, introduce unthinkable contraptions etc. Now the people with lots of money, again, make millions, in the name of global warming. Pikior pikior ler... teman risau jugak..

And yesterday, the recording for AWANI's Perspektif Kita went very well.

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We discussed our quest to be among the best in the world in Mathematics and Science. You must see this episode on Channel 123 Astro (AWANI). Great debate with very opinionated Malaysians.

The show times:

Monday: 11:30 pm.
Tuesday: 3:30 pm.
Wednesday: 10:00 am.
Thursday: 3:30 pm.