Thursday, January 10, 2008



Oh... It has been a very busy day. Juggling management work, micro-managing here and there (yes... what they teach you in business school about not to micro-manage is NOT true, unless you want not-so-satisfying results), editorial research and editing 2 special programmes.

No... I'm not complaining (a bit la..) but I just need 36 hours a day and the stamina of all the kerengge and semut put together.

So what is my revenge? By LOOKING GOOD.

If your girlfriend / boyfriend / lover / concubine / dumps you, your revenge is -- LOOK GOOD.

If you can't win in games (of all sorts), just LOOK GOOD.

If you are caught on video, tell your story and LOOK GOOD.

If you go to pasar malam, and want people to notice you (like my friend at AWANI) just LOOK GOOD.

And... if there are so many people waiting to go to the bathroom and you are number 4 in line, tahan and LOOK GOOD.

LOOKING GOOD will take you places.

Trust me... They will say "Woi...cun lah dia tu.." not "Woi, intellectual lah mamat tu.." Tapi lama-lama, brains kena baik juga ba... abis tu masa minum Earl Grey takkan lah nak renung kat mata dia jer.. kenalah cakap pasal Clinton-Obama ker, Subprime ker... Eh... susahlah...


Gambar hiasan di bawah ini tak ada kena mengena dengan story, but they all LOOK GOOD..

Inul, our cook.

Roul, control macho.

Roul, Baywatch & Dangsuria

My Shrink... Kam, I need a longer duration for counselling and more comfortable couch please...