Monday, January 15, 2007

"Shima takut bang…"

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I do lots of presentations to various organizations in Malaysia, to collaborate on many interesting projects involving content research and development and the new media.

Sometimes, it scares me to know that many people who are holding positions of power are ignorant of pertinent but easily available information that can actually help realize their true potentials.

And it is ‘scarier’ to know that these people are the ones who will decide on many major things that will affect our future.

And, many of them are not just ignorant. They are also arrogant and do not want to acknowledge what they don’t know and do something to help themselves.

And appropriately a friend whispered to me…. “Shima takut bang…”

“Abang lagi panic…Shima”
And at times like these, my feelings can only be described by Le Kimster's kata-kata pujangga (dengan izin yer En Kimster):
"By the end of the programme (read: presentation), I have lost all faith in the human race. In fact, I already had plans to move to Tibet and live there as a goat".